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How Systems Save Your Business

Michelle Anderson is a licensed cosmetologist of more than 15 years and a mom of six. Founder and owner of her own salon, Michelle specializes in fashion-forward styles for multicultural clientele as well as offers innovative hair care products that fit every price point.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle developed a love of hair at an early age, in large part due to her grandmother, who was also a licensed cosmetologist.

Every time Michelle would visit her grandmother’s house, she immediately ran down to the basement to smell the variety of hair products available and handle any of the styling supplies that caught her attention. Once her grandmother realized she couldn’t keep Michelle away from those items, she gave Michelle her own mannequin head and rollers on which to practice.

Michelle’s grandmother was impressed by her granddaughter’s passion and prowess. Michelle quickly graduated from the mannequin to curling her grandmother’s hair and then other family members and friends as well.

In 2007, Michelle became a licensed cosmetologist herself, transforming her childhood passion into a career.

Initial Challenges

Like many small business owners, Michelle struggled to gain her footing at first. In large part, her struggles stemmed from a lack of systems.

One of the biggest challenges was that clients had to contact Michelle directly by phone or text to schedule an appointment or order products. Not only did this require a lot of time-consuming back-and-forth, but clients would have to wait until Michelle was available to receive a response. With so much else going on in her life, it was easy for Michelle to forget when she had scheduled a client and for what services, leaving her less prepared than she would like to be.

Furthermore, with these manual methods for scheduling and sales, orders often fell through the cracks. When Michelle accidentally sold the same order to two clients, she realized it was time to invest in systems, lest her revenue and reputation take a hit.

“As a business owner, either you sink or swim - swimming has to be the only option. You have to figure out how you’re going to swim.”

Leveraging Systems

Michelle implemented a scheduling app and built a website to address the challenges in her business. Both tools have helped her immensely.

Now clients can view Michelle’s calendar and self-schedule, cutting down on a lot of time spent going back-and-forth and expediting the process for clients who no longer have to wait until Michelle is available to confirm their appointments. Similarly, clients can visit her website to view which products are available and order directly online instead of calling in or visiting the salon.

Because all products and services are centralized and convenient to access, orders no longer fall through the cracks – and Michelle has seen a significant boost to her sales.

“Because of the systems I put in place, my clientele and my sales have literally tripled, if not quadrupled.”

Systematizing Self-Care

Along with being a business owner, Michelle is a mom to six children. Read:busy, busy, busy.

Business systems have been an important factor in creating time for self-care. Additionally, Michelle has created many routines in her personal life that further empower her to achieve balance.

For example, dinnertime and bedtime are at the same time every night, offering quality time with her kids and dedicated time for herself. For a licensed cosmetologist, Michelle’s idea of self-care is largely cosmetic – getting her own hair or nails done – but she’s also found comfort in therapy.

Michelle also emphasizes preparing the little things to save time and effort – for example, meal prepping on the weekends and laying out clothes the night before to prepare her for the next day.

Routines are simply another form of systems. By organizing everything and being intentional in all aspects of her life, Michelle has reclaimed a lot of her time while also providing her clients with convenient and quality service.

“The systems I used allowed me to have time for self-care. Self-care is now non-negotiable for me.”

Connect with Michelle Anderson at or on social media at @MichelleandHair on Facebook or Instagram.

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