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BOSS™ Talk is honored to have the following businesses sponsor our podcast. 
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BOSS Talk has given me the space to embrace and share my shortcomings as valuable lessons learned along with the opportunity to celebrate the strength of my resilience as a woman, wife, mother and most definitely as a boss.


If I can - you can. 

Maria Mwangi

Maria Mwangi

I think my greatest takeaway from BOSS Talk is being reminded that it's okay to ask for help, because that's something that I don't typically do. These women are amazing, have amazing stories, and you should listen if you are a woman running a business.

Rhuneisha Fields.png

Rhuneisha Fields

La'Vista, thank you for giving us this platform, and thank you for letting us know that we are bosses, because that is a title that I am glad to own. Thank you for feeding us and encouraging us and even putting a little fire under our seats. We appreciate you so much and I can't really express how excited I am to have found BOSS Talk - this community of amazing sistahs, all these bosses!

Sakinah Montgomery.png

Sakinah Montgomery

BOSS Talk is absolutely phenomenal. After listening, I am not only fired up, I'm looking forward to keeping the flame going. La'Vista, I thank you for sharing your wisdom for being transparent and I look forward to seeing where you take BOSS Talk next.

Shaheen Siddiqui.png

Shaheen Siddiqui

BOSS Talk is such a great platform for women entrepreneurs to share their journeys, and I'm so grateful that La’Vista started it. And I really am grateful to be part of it.

Illana Myerson.png

Ilana Myerson

La'Vista you know that BOSS Talk has been life changing and business changing for me - I can’t wait to listen to the podcast.

BOSS Talk was created in 2018 as a way to connect entrepreneurial women through stories about their experiences - the good, the bad and the real. 


At its inception, BOSS Talk was an in-person monthly event that was often described as a podcast recorded with a live audience. In 2021, the format evolved into a traditional podcast.


Far too often, we only see the highlight reels of entrepreneurship.


And it's those edited realities that can lead to falling into comparison traps, glorifying busyness and neglecting self-care to keep up. 


So during BOSS Talk, we put aside the need to present ourselves as the perfect representatives of our businesses and we dive into those candid conversations that aren’t typically featured on social media platforms - especially those moments that haven’t quite hit the mark as planned. Moments that are filled with overwhelm. Moments when business failure lead to innovative systems. Moments when we learned the necessity of self-care the hard way. 

These are the moments that birthed and now sustain BOSS Talk - and here is some insider knowledge, the BOSS in BOSS Talk actually stands for Battling Overwhelm with Systems & Self-Care


BOSS Talk will both challenge and motivate you to build the life and business you want, listen in a get ready for a total #bossformation 

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