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Step 3 | Amplify Production

Amplify Production is the strategic partnership that podcast hosts need to avoid burnout as a show host and produce an amazing show with consistency. 


focus on being an amazing host.

We’ll take care of the rest. 


Through systemization, automation and leveraging the latest technology our post production team will ensure that your audience all around the world can tune in and engage with your content. 


For each episode you record, we’ll: 


Transcribe your show, edit your show’s audio, write the show notes with clear actions for your listeners to take and mentioned resources, write a blog post based on the show episode, create a blog, episode and pull quote image for each episode, create a videogram for each episode, upload and publish show via your show hosting tool, publish SEO optimized blog to website with link to show audio and schedule content drip with captions to social media. 


The investment for Amplify Production starts at:

$1,500 a month

for a bi-weekly show


Use the button below to schedule a call to discuss the production of your show.


Our podcast production team is trusted and loved by:

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