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Imagine launching and Hosting a podcast . . . 


With ease and an entire team behind you every step of the way


That’s sustainable and podfade resistant 


With unlimited access to your target market with engaging  content


If this sounds exactly like what you’ve been looking for, continue reading about our approach and offerings. 

Our Approach to Podcasting

Click here to learn more about enrolling in Podcasting Foundation, our virtual cohort for aspiring podcast hosts through building the necessary foundation needed to launch a podcast. Upon completion, participants are able to define the why,  who and what of their podcast. Additionally they will outline their show format, guest experience and understand the equipment and technology needs for their show.

Click here to learn more about a Launch Blueprint is 1:1 mapping session that transforms a host’s ideas around the pre-launch activities, guest on-boarding  experience, interview design, post production and distribution processes into a  clear, realistic implementation plan. During this session a show host will develop their launch timeline, finalize their post production process and will be equipped with customizable templates for their guest on-boarding and asset creation.

Click here to learn more about what happens during an Implementation Project our team will work with the podcast host to co-create show assets, build the infrastructure and integrate the technology needed to successfully launch and efficiently produce the podcast.

Click here to learn more about our Podcast Production is the on-going support that helps hosts produce consistent podcast content that resonates with their audience. Through systemization, automation and leveraging the latest technology our team will ensure that hosts can solely focus on being the talent on the microphone while being supported by a team that completes the editing, distribution and marketing of each podcast episode.

Pricing Guide

Unbundled Prices

$500 - Podcasting Foundation Cohort

$1,500 - Launch Blueprint

$2,000 - Implementation Project

$1,800 / month - Monthly Podcast Production

Grow Your Vision

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