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Implementation Project


This offering initiates a project in which our team will work with a podcast host to co-create the assets for the show,  inclusive of show music and cover art in addition to setting up the tool and building the actual infrastructure that will support the production and distribution of each episode.

During this project the team will also integrate the technology needed for the podcast well.


This is ideal for:

The busy thought leader that is ready to launch and host their podcast and wants the support of an experienced team to handle the asset creation in addition to setting up the tools and technology needed for their podcast..



  • Selection of intro and outro music

  • Finalization of show assets

  • Show introduction script and recorded introductory launch episode

  • Guest on-boarding tool setup and technology integration

  • Implementation of guest on-boarding and off-boarding systemization

  • Podcast hosting setup and integration with social media platforms and distribution directories like iTunes and Spotify


6 Weeks



Our podcast production team is trusted and loved by:

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