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Do You Need a Simple Recipe for Your Business?

As the holiday’s approach, what are you focused on? Many business owners are finalizing their 2018 business goals. (Or at least thinking about them.)

During my time in Corporate, I often used this time of year to execute performance reviews for my team. I also used this time to set S.M.A.R.T. goals for my own development.

As an Operations Consultant, I want to challenge you to look at the acronym S.M.A.R.T. in a new way as it relates to your business. We’ll start with the ‘S’ this week. We'll work through the rest of the acronym together for the remainder of the year via my S.M.A.R.T. Ops series.

  • SSystems

  • M

  • A

  • R

  • T


Do you know the difference between systems & tools? Since everyone is preparing for Thanksgiving, let’s liken a system to a recipe. A recipe details all the steps needed to create the final product. It identifies the ingredients. It gives instructions on how to use those ingredients. It even gives the exact temperature and timeframe needed for the desired outcome.

Tools then, are like your ingredients. The recipe may call for eggs, but ultimately you get to decide what type of eggs to use (i.e. using Hootsuite vs. Buffer).

So here's your business assignment, if you choose to accept it:

  • Make a list of the systems that you have (or need) to run your business

  • Ask yourself if the tools you’re currently using frustrate you

  • Evaluate how well you’re able to get consistent results using your current processes

Now I want to know your answers - so let’s chat! Click HERE to schedule our time together.

I want to know more about your current operations and how we might be able to partner together to streamline some things and save you some time.

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