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How Working Smarter is Like a Massage

What Hurts?

This week I enjoyed quality time with my friend over a late lunch followed by a 90-minute massage. I LOVE massages, and this one was way overdue.

At the beginning of the massage I gave the masseur direction on where to focus attention to work out some knots. He worked on those areas and gave me the relief I was looking for. But as he worked on the rest of my body, I realized that I was tense in areas that I wasn't aware of. I didn't realize there was tension in those areas until he actually touched me - and it hurt!

I had problems that needed worked out and didn't even realize it.

How often do we deal with problems within our businesses that we don't even realize that we need to fix? For instance - spending valuable time doing a manual process, when automation is best. Or missing out on a sale because you don't have a follow-up process in place.

So, when it comes to your business operations, what hurts?

Having the right systems and processes in place will get rid of pain points you might not even know you have.

Stress and anxiety are two pain points that massage can help reduce. A streamlined operations process can help reduce these areas in your business.

Reduce stress. Stress is defined as a mental or emotional strain. Or as tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. A massage therapist can find the right technique to relax tight or painful muscles. These techniques help relax tight and painful muscles to reduce stress levels.

A streamlined operations process can find the right systems to run your business. These systems help simplify complex processes lessening the demands on you. With fewer demands, your stress reduces.

Reduce anxiety. Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry or unease about an uncertain outcome. A massage helps your body relax. Feelings of relaxation lower blood pressure and elevate your mood.

A streamlined operations process utilizes automation. Automation creates predictability in your business. With fewer uncertain outcomes to worry about, your anxiety reduces.

Building a solid operations processes probably isn't as enjoyable as a 90-minute massage. But both are very necessary in my opinion.

We want to help you fix what hurts in your business. Click HERE to learn more about how we can help with our Operational Discovery sessions.

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