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It's Time to Reconnect with ME

If you’ve been connected with me for any length of time, you know that traditional networking as a whole is pretty difficult for me. Engaging in conversation with people that I don’t know can be downright painful for my introverted self. However, as a business owner, I have to purposefully step out of my comfort zone to find and embrace my tribe.

One of my ‘favorite’ getting to know you questions is, “so, what do you like to do for fun?” It’s a really simple, straightforward question, yet the response requires a bit of thought and self-reflection.

What DO I like to do for fun?

Initially I think of activities that I like to do with my Husband. And while these are things that I really enjoy, that enjoyment encompasses the companionship and joint interests with my spouse and are a better reflection of what I enjoy doing being part of married couple than as an individual. At other times, I think about the activities and outings that I enjoy with our son. And while I truly LOVE being able to live out the role of Mommy, a lot of the activities done with my Cub wouldn’t normally find their way onto my daily calendar if I wasn’t entertaining the company of a 2-year old!

So, what ARE those things that I like to do? And beyond a networking, getting to know you nicety, what refreshes and recharges me? Once identified, the foundation for self-care is laid.

I will confess that I don’t enjoy my foundational self-care activities as much as I’d like to - but when I do, I truly feel like the best version of myself afterwards. These activities remind me of who I am, independent of being a wife or a mother. In these moments I have the space and grace to be just perfectly-imperfect ME.

If you don’t already have a go-to list for regular self-care, I challenge you to take some time to get reacquainted with yourself and identify your top 5 foundational self-care activities. I’ve included my top 5 list to give you some ideas to get started.

Here’s my top 5 foundational self-care list!

  • SOAK in a bubble bath

  • LISTEN to the roar of the ocean

  • DRINK a cup of coffee

  • WATCH the sunset

  • TALK to a girlfriend

I’d love to hear what made the list for you - please share your list HERE with the online ME Institute community.

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