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012: Red Flags Your Virtual Assistant Wants You To Know About Your Podcast with Tanika J. Lothery

“When systems are not in place or system gaps exist, the natural thing that is created is overwhelm, stress, and worry.” - Tanika J. Lothery

In this episode of BOSS™ Talk I am speaking with Tanika J Lothery and we are focusing on producing a podcast from the point of view of a Virtual Assistant also known as a ‘VA’ in the marketplace. Tanika is the founder and CEO of Virtually Yours, TJL, an agency that provides professional administrative, technical and creative assistance to clients in a remote way and she’s also my amazing assistant.

In the previous episode, I walked you through how I personally leverage systems to automate and reclaim my time as a podcaster and shared with you the exact process that me and my team use to invite and on-board guests to the show. So this week I wanted to share the insightful point of view from one of my actual team members!

Customer service is of the utmost importance to Tanika and is a foundational pillar of her business, so I was interested to hear how she balances supporting show hosts, identifying system gaps and communicating those opportunities for improvement.

Remember, vision is not a solo gig and Tanika plays a huge role in bringing the vision of BOSS™ Talk to fruition! Enjoy the episode.

Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

  • How unaddressed system gaps lead to delegated overwhelm for your team

  • The importance of defining the vision for your podcast

  • Identifying red flags for a podcast host and the safe environment needed to communicate them

  • How leveraging automation with back-end processes reduces stress for everyone

  • Advice for aspiring podcast hosts from the POV of a Virtual Assistant

Whether you have an established working relationship with a VA already or are seriously considering filling that role for your team, check out this episode of BOSS™ Talk. Tanika shares some great insight on how to get the greatest ROI by leveraging automation and working with an experienced Virtual Assistant to produce your podcast.

Remember you can do what you love in the marketplace without sacrificing yourself to do it. So until next time, be sure to subscribe to the show and continue to battle your overwhelm with systems and self-care and walk out your own boss talk.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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