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Graced for Perfect Imperfection

Sometimes it doesn't look like someone else’s journey - but it doesn't mean you stop walking.” - Yubeka Riddick

There have been many times when I disqualified myself from a seat at the table.

Times when I didn’t go for the promotion, times when I didn’t speak up about a well deserved raise, times that I didn’t reach out about an opportunity, times that I didn’t pursue a dream all because I believed that internal dialogue that said I didn’t measure up.

Let’s talk about the self-care side of my business for a moment. For years I forced myself to cohabitate with the stifled dream of becoming a self-care coach because my own practice wasn’t perfect. So I kept limits on my dream, waiting to level up to perfection.

Luckily I began working with a coach that helped challenge that mindset by simply telling me that perfection is not required to make an impact.

Talk about a game changer.

Passion and purpose have combined to use this perfectly imperfect messenger to impact overwhelmed business owners all around the world. My lived experiences, the good, the bad and the u-g-l-y aren’t about me - they are for every woman that is full of ambition, but is flirting with the edge of burnout. My story is being written to inspire the boss that is tired of paying allegiance to the hustle and craves more moments to be still, breathe and get her bearings before she completely loses her shit and ends up resenting the business that she poured so much of herself into.

It is possible to live out your ambitious vision and take care of yourself - and a catalyst for doing both is grace.

I recently had a BOSS Talk session with personal identity coach, Yubeka Riddick of bnotconformed and she shares insights about giving yourself permission to accept not having it all together and prioritizing grace to help you navigate life and business.

We discussed:

  • Her journey from being a people pleaser to her authentic boss self

  • How prioritizing busyness and perfectionism affected her business

  • How her own identity work shaped her current definition of self-care

  • Her real thoughts about personal discipline during a global pandemic

  • Why owning, “I am enough” is a game changer and not just a trendy mantra

  • The battle of the mind against not being enough and why extending grace to self is so important

Marketplace Recommendations:

During BOSS Talk:021 we referenced three amazing resources that you should check out.

Book Resource On Purpose: Practical Strategies to Live Your Best Life is the book that both Yubeka and I co-authored along with 14 other featured experts. Click HERE to grab your signed copy from me.

Self-Care Retreat I mentioned my upcoming BREATHE Retreat. If you have an overwhelming need to take a break and give yourself a few moments to breathe, I invite you to retreat with us. Click HERE for more details and to register.

eBook Resource

Yubeka has graciously gifted the members of the BOSS Talk community with a free copy of her ebook I Am Enough: 40 Declarations to Walking in Your God Given Identity. Click HERE for the eBook and use the code BOSSTALK to download your copy today.


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