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What's Mommin' Got to Do With It?

What does a stay-at-home Mom routine have to do with a solid business operations process?


Like a lot of other women, I play several life roles simultaneously - wife, mommy and entrepreneur, to name a few. To juggle everything that needs to get done in a day I need a hefty dose of coffee, grace and a strategic routine.

Its taken time and a lot of trial and error to pull a workable routine together. One that supports my marriage as well as the needs of our son and my business. This routine depends on planning, consistency and specific actions to work. In the moments when I’m tired or honestly just don’t feel like doing what is required, the routine breaks down. And when the routine breaks down it is not a good day in the Jones household. With a broken routine - stress increases, anxiety spikes, attitudes flare and things don’t get done. But when the routine remains intact - life moves in an organized chaos kind of way. (emphasis on organized)

A business operations process consists of several strategic routines (and systems). Here are a few routines that you should be implementing in your business.

  • Social Media - develop a routine to research, write and post strategic content. Set aside time to do this monthly or weekly for visibility in the marketplace. This also helps establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Follow Up - develop a routine to connect with and engage contacts and prospects. Use automation to ensure prospects get the attention they need from you in the sales process. A solid routine also keeps potential revenue from slipping through your fingers.

  • Sales - develop a routine to onboard a new client. Your onboarding process should be as streamlined as possible. Onboarding includes signing contracts, receiving payment and intake forms, etc. Make it easy for people to do business with you.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but they are a good starting point. Routines, the right systems and automation help build the foundation for a solid operations process. Solid operations keep stress and anxiety at bay, just like a stay-at-home Mom routine does at home.

Need help building routines into your business operations? That’s what me and the 31 Marketplace team are here for. Click HERE to schedule a complimentary Virtual Chat today!

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