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Listen Up!

I’ve recently had three amazing women speak inspiration into my life and business vision. These moments of inspiration took place at different times, locations and were all delivered in very different ways - but each message was exactly what I needed to hear at the exact time I needed to hear it.

The Message

My dear friend Ms. Elaine shared with me that she felt most productive in her business when I was working with her, providing strategic insight and accountability. I overheard my grace-covered wifey mentor Kendra ‘brag’ on me to colleagues about the great ideas I come up with! And while listening to the dynamic Coach Isha speak about breaking the habit of trading hours for dollars, I had a #MrsMommypreneur ‘ah-ha’ moment.

The Inspiration

In the midst of dealing with the nagging at my heart & mind after hearing their words, it was clear that God had used these three ladies to send me a clear message. I was being lead to share the unique bundle of creativeness, tough-love, business acumen and cheerleader that God pulled together when He created me, with other women in the marketplace.

The Action

I was divinely urged to look up the word Synergy and after digesting the definition, I knew that I had everything that I needed to move forward to bring a program to the marketplace that utilizes my talents, intensifies my influence and maximizes my time all while providing the type of support to women business owners that makes my heart smile.

I’m so glad I listened. If you're interested in checking out the program I mentioned, feel free to click HERE.

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