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Step Ahead with Fearlessness

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?” - Ayn Rand

13 stairs!

That’s right! Two months ago, I watched my Cub climb up 13 stairs all by himself! To say that I was extremely proud and terrified all at the same time is an understatement. At the beginning of the month when I reviewed the major milestones he should hit at that age and saw ‘climbing stairs’, my initial response was, NOPE! As his Mommy, it just seemed too risky of a task for my baby boy to conquer … but from HIS perspective, he was totally up for the challenge.

One thing has been made extremely clear as my son’s personality has started to develop – he is absolutely fearless! He doesn’t shy away from anything his young mind is set out to do – even if it involves potential risk. He sees what he wants, comes up with a plan to get it and then with laser focus, he goes for it! He doesn’t ask for permission to set out after his goal (especially since he can’t talk yet).

Why can’t we approach our business goals with this type of tenacity and fearlessness? My goodness! If we did, what expectations would we meet and surpass?

Like my son (I wonder where he gets it from), when I had the idea of starting my business back in 2005, I just went for it! I didn’t wait until I had all the answers, I simply knew what I wanted and went after it. The first step of my entrepreneurship journey was quitting a full time job with just one secured client giving a guarantee of just 10 hours of work per week! If that fearless young woman knew what this experienced Mommypreneur knew now – wowza!

Do you have a goal or business idea that you want to launch? Try these steps, inspired by my infant son to set out on your own journey of fearlessness.

  • Focus.Develop a clear vision of what you want to do or achieve and consistently keep that vision in focus (perhaps create a designated business vision board).

  • Curiosity.Let your curiosity fuel your desire to conquer your goal and maintain a flexible approach!My son is a budding pro at trial and error runs – if his first attempt doesn’t work, he adjusts his approach and keeps trying until he’s eventually successful.

  • Work.Do the work!Now that you’re focused and driven by curiosity, put one foot in front of the other and get it done!

How we the 31 Marketplace community support you along your fearless journey?

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