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019: Remembering Who the F*ck You Are with La'Vista Jones

“You have to avoid burnout. And you have to take care of you. And you can’t feel guilty about that.”

Long time no hear from! I’m excited to be back for Season 3 of BOSS™ Talk after a (mostly unintentional) hiatus over the last couple months.

Tune into the Refocusing On The Vision with La’Vista & Tanika episode if you haven’t done so already for all the details as to why the hiatus took place. But in the meantime here is the Cliffs Notes version - essentially, my vision as a business owner, leader, and individual got a little blurry. Any time that happens, it’s difficult to move forward with intention and stay true to the path you’ve set out for yourself and your team.

Luckily, I was able to take some time and focus on some much needed introspection, and I can safely say my vision has been restored and I feel more confident than I have ever felt before. We have a ton of valuable content and interesting conversations on deck and I hope you’ll stay tuned for what promises to be our best season of BOSS™ Talk yet!

A Season of Introspection

The main catalyst for this season of introspection started with an innocuous comment from a dear friend of mine - “Even as a boss, you still seem to be in your shell” he said to me.

Initially I was perplexed by his statement. I’m an accomplished writer, speaker, and podcast host and my business and team have been growing and thriving. Even though this feedback was jarring at first, after taking some time to sit with it I realized it was coming from a place of love. And it got me thinking - despite others seeing my accomplishments, maybe I wasn’t fully seeing myself.

Thus, my deep-dive into self began. I sat down with my journal and asked myself some really tough questions and held space for answers - even the ones I didn’t really want to hear. Luckily, I had an amazing support system to help me along the way – in particular, my dear friend Pam Slim. She showered me with words of affirmation and gifted me a beautiful piece of jewelry that I now wear daily, engraved with the mantra, “Remember who the fuck you are.”

So between my focused time for self-reflection and my top-tier support system, I was able to become reacquainted with myself, my hopes, my dreams, my passions, and my desires. And for the first time in maybe forever, I feel at home in my own skin.

I see myself fully, and I’m a big fucking fan of who I am and who I’m still becoming. I cannot wait for that to shine through in this new season of BOSS™ Talk.

Looking Ahead

Along with gaining clarity in my vision, during my small break from BOSS™ Talk I was hard at work finishing up my first solo book project: The BOSS™ Shift. While I’m already a published author included in four anthology projects, this book is the first that is entirely mine. You’ll hear me refer to it affectionately as “my baby.”

Like all of the work I do in the marketplace, the BOSS™ acronym (Batting Overwhelm through Systems and Self-Care) is the central thread of The BOSS™ Shift. The book uses BOSS™ as a framework to help overworked women business owners marry systems and self-care so they can do the work they love doing without sacrificing themselves to do it.

The BOSS™ Shift makes its debut October, 2022!

Season 3 will essentially serve as a trailer for The BOSS™ Shift. Each episode will revolve around a core topic from the book, teaching you how to live your life on your own terms, one small shift at a time.

If any of the conversations from this season resonate, you’re definitely going to want to get yourself a copy of the book. And by that, I mean not just let it sit in your to-read pile for months on end (I’m guilty, too), but actually read it in its entirety and apply it.

Click HERE to download the first chapter of The BOSS™ Shift today.

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