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A new book by La'Vista Jones - Release Date: October 16, 2022

This book is written for women who are ready to make a shift towards living life on their own terms because they are no longer willing to sacrifice themselves in pursuit of the work they love doing.


I have spent my entire entrepreneurial career helping women bring order to the unchecked overwhelm that far too often leads to burnout, resentment and feeling suffocated in life.


My work is anchored in implementing what I refers to as a BOSS™ Shift - a framework that focuses on battling overwhelm with systems and self-care.


What makes me equipped to talk about this type of shift? Because as a burnout survivor and recovering overfunctioner, I know what life is like on both sides - from chaotic and exhausted to calm and energized.


This book will introduce readers to that framework and how to apply it embrace it, one shift at a time.

The chapters within the book outline practical actions to implement the BOSS™ framework that I created to help women Battle Overwhelm with Systems & Self-Care.

B: Prepare for Battle - Resist the expectation of being overworked as the only path for success.

O: Call out Overwhelm - Acknowledge the suffocating weight of the overwhelm you’re currently dealing with.

S: Optimize Systems - Leverage efficient and automated systems to do the heavy lifting in your life and business. 

S: Practice Self-Care - Engage in deeply resonate, self-care rituals that nurture your soul.

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The BOSS™ Shift is more than just a book. It is an entire movement designed to challenge our engagement with work, time and rest. I am on a personal mission to help women disrupt the hustle. Together we can explore ways to do the work we love, without sacrificing ourselves to do it.


Ask yourself these questions.


Do you ever feel like exhaustion is a prerequisite for your success?

Emotional exhaustion can happen when we focus on work without prioritizing our rest as well. The BOSS™ Shift will encourage you to resist the expectation that being overworked is the only path for success.


Are you longing to resolve overwhelm instead of just living with it?

Overwhelm is often common for visionaries - it can lead to deeper problems unless addressed. The BOSS™ Shift will help you acknowledge the suffocating weight of the overwhelm you’re dealing with. Then put actionable steps in place to battle it.


Have you ever felt resentment towards work, even though you love it?

Doing too much on your own could be killing your passion and leading you to feel resentment instead. The BOSS™ Shift will help you leverage efficient and automated systems to do the heavy lifting for you.


Ever wish you modeled more self-sustaining boundaries for yourself?

The way you currently define and practice self-care could be doing more harm than good. The BOSS™ Shift will challenge you to redefine self-care as a way to prioritize yourself every single day.


You are fully in control of how you engage with your work, leverage your time and care for yourself in the process.


If that truth resonates with you, I invite you to click HERE and apply to join my book launch team.

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