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The BOSS™ Shift: Do What You Love, Without Sacrificing Yourself To Do It

This book is written for women who are ready to make a shift towards living life on their own terms because they are no longer willing to sacrifice themselves in pursuit of the work they love doing.

BOSS UP! Automate the Grind & Reclaim Your Time

"BOSS UP is a simple, yet highly effective way to map out core systems and take the automation of your business to a new level."


BREATHE: Essential Self-Care When Life Is Suffocating

"There are experiences in life that leave you breathless in the moment. There are also experiences that leave you feeling suffocated in your own life."


Redesign Your 9-5: Advice & Strategies from 50 of the World's Most Ambitious Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

"Don't worry if you're not an operational guru, your internal documentation isn't required to be complex, it just needs to be done."

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On Purpose: Practical Strategies to Live Your Best Life

"There is a way to accomplish your ambitious vision, grow your business and live your best life, and it starts by taking care of your greatest asset - YOU."

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SELF-ish: A Guide to Prioritize YOU in Your Business

"You don't have to choose between being the boss and taking care of the boss."


This guide will help you rescue yourself from overwhelm by implementing structure and reclaiming your time so you can prioritize yourself in your business at the top of your to-do list.

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