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016: Resilience Is A Process with Angela Devlen

“I had to put systems in place so that I was not the single point of failure - systems allow us to scale and for things to continue to move forward without our personal involvement.”

In this episode of BOSS™ Talk we are getting to know Angela Devlen - she has a calling to support midlife multi-passionate entrepreneurial women. By leaning on her own experience, professionally and personally, Angela guides and teaches women how implementing systems in their everyday life can prepare them for when crisis hits.

Having gone through a gut wrenching divorce and learning how to navigate her new normal as a single mother, Angela realized that without pillars in her life to maintain resiliency through crisis, she would have crumbled under the grief and pressure. This season of life inspired the launch of the Founders Circle which is a membership described as the intersection of entrepreneurship and wellness.

Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

  • How systems support resilience in turbulent seasons of life

  • Advice for women at the crossroads of vision and overwhelm

  • An approach to emotional regulation

  • Tips on prioritizing your day

  • The greatest lesson learned from focusing on self-care

Whether you have already been through the fire and are now trying to figure out how to navigate life on the other side or are looking for ways to proactively build the scaffolding of resilience in your life, check out this episode of BOSS™ Talk. Angela shares great insight on moving through adversity by putting systems and rituals in place and she shares some of those on our show today.

Remember you can do what you love in the marketplace without sacrificing yourself to do it. So until next time, be sure to subscribe to the show and continue to battle your overwhelm with systems and self-care and walk out your own boss talk.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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