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Redesign Your 9-to-5: Advice & Strategies from 50 of the World's Most Ambitious Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. 

As a contributing author in Redesign Your 9-to-5, La'Vista urges overwhelmed business owners to give themselves some grace as they work to create systems. 


"Don't worry if you're not an operational guru, your internal documentation isn't required to be complex, it just needs to be done."


In La'Vista's chapter, she discusses the need to create and document systems from day 1 of your business to build a solid operational foundation. Solid, efficient systems are a must have for current and emerging business owners.


From cover to cover, find out how La'Vista and 49 of the world's most ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs made the decision to walk out their vision in the marketplace.  

Purchase your autographed copy from La'Vista today!

Each copy is $29.95
, plus tax & s/h.


PREORDERS: Use code PREDESIGN during checkout by midnight on 7/1/2020 to save over 30% off list price. Copies will begin shipping on 7/15/2020.  

You need you a ME!  

You're not alone. There are thousands of overwhelmed entrepreneurs trying to reclaim time in their businesses with quick fixes that don't work, and by investing in tools and VA's that don't get fully utilized. 

At the end of the day, you need systems. 

But efficient systems will never happen until you work with a thought partner that can help you bridge operational gaps, implement automation and identify tasks you need to fire yourself from. And that work will NEVER begin, until you get yourself a ME!

I've teamed up with my dear friend and longtime client, Dr. Nadia Brown to gift someone the opportunity to work with me for FREE! In my newest book project, Redesign Your 9-to-5, I talk about the importance of creating a solid operational foundation for your business with systems. 

By pre-ordering a discounted copy of Redesign Your 9-to-5 with discount code: PREDESIGN by July 1, you'll be entered to win a FREE 1-on-1 private consultation with me to review your business systems. 

If you've been wondering what it's like to experience my unique magic, here's your chance! 

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