I'm La'Vista, the founder and lead strategist here at 31 Marketplace - an agency that helps overworked women get 'ish done without the burnout.

As a recovering over-functioner and burnout survivor I believe in challenging the archaic concept of work-life balance. You don't have to choose between being the boss and taking care of the boss - those two things aren't mutually exclusive. 

I want to show you how to do both.

I know what it is like to wear all the hats in a business - amplified by time-consuming processes, lack of support and ongoing exhaustion. The overwhelm from busyness used to bully me too, until I finally decided I’d had enough and I needed to shift my mindset towards building a business that nurtured my life vs. one that was leading me down the path to burnout. I have spent my entire entrepreneurial career helping other overwhelmed boss visionaries fire themselves from the busyness that disrupts their lives and business.

I see you ...

I started my company because my soul ached watching ambitious, passionate, and talented bosses burn themselves out trying to do everything all on their own. 


Boss visionaries amaze me with their ability to create and introduce unique ideas and solutions to the marketplace. However, even bosses sometimes have the tendency to dismiss the importance of surrounding themselves with the support and resources they need - often resulting in being consumed by busyness and pushing their self-care to the button of their to-do lists. 

My work is anchored in helping women:

  • Develop and implement automated backend systems to help them move towards sustainability and growth

  • Create and hold space to practice and prioritize consistent self-care routines as part of their business strategy

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs through stories about their lived experiences - the good, the bad and the real

  • Merge systemization and self-care to shift away from the societal norm of glorifying busyness

Keyboard and Mouse

Business Isn't Busyness - Reclaim Your Time

Say no to being consumed by busyness and burnout trying to do everything on your own. You need a #bossformation - a powerful transformation from an overwhelmed business owner to a well-balanced boss. One of the first steps towards a #bossformation is firing yourself from the manual process of on-boarding new clients.