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I’m La’Vista, the founder and lead strategist at 31 Marketplace - an agency that helps overworked women entrepreneurs implement a BOSS Shift to do what they love, without sacrificing themselves to do it.

When entrepreneurs connect with me, they are usually at a crossroad of vision and overwhelm. 


Sound familiar? 


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As the visionary of your business, you can see what is on the horizon, but as you look around at your current infrastructure and energy levels you know you’re not going to get there the way you’re currently doing things. You are consumed by busyness doing all of the things that should be automated. You are too scattered to even think about, let alone put an efficient systems strategy into action. And you desperately need a moment to breathe because you feel so suffocated by the weight of it all. 


You want to know how to take care of your business and still have the time to live and enjoy life on your own terms. And it is the friction of being in that space right now that is motivating you to seek out the support you need.


While looking for solutions, you may have found yourself focused on grinding out the work, pushing yourself and your care to the back burner and making broken promises to rest when the work is done - but the work is never done. 

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Do both and overlook neither.”

- Alan Cohen


Instead of looking at your work and self-care as two separate things, let me show you how to merge them both into a new culture of work-life balance that you get to create by leveraging systemization and self-care.

White on White

Do you need a sounding board to talk out operational strategy & decisions?

Working with a thought partner is a needed catalyst for clarity and goal achievement.

Are you ready to develop efficient & automated backend systems?

Developing and implementing systems is an essential step towards sustainability and growth.

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