La’Vista Jones, CLBC helps business owners bring order to the chaos of life and business. She believes the price of success doesn’t have to include burnout and broken promises to yourself. By discovering a better way to run your business, you can get back to making yourself and what you love a priority.


As an author, speaker and community builder, La’Vista is leading a movement of business owners who want more from life than frazzled days and sleepless nights. Her unique magic is helping business owners get sh!t done, without burning themselves out. Her work allows you to add time back to your day by streamlining processes, identifying operational gaps and outsourcing.


An Ohio native, La’Vista currently resides in Arizona with her husband, their son, ‘The Cub’ and fur baby, Bull Dozer.

Interested in learning more about La'Vista's approach to systems & self-care? Download and work through a FREE copy of her eBook SELF-ish today.

Learn how to prioritize yourself in your business. 

Download this free guide to help rescue yourself from overwhelm by implementing structure and reclaiming your time so you can prioritize yourself in your business at the top of your to-do list.

Media & Press

All media / press inquires please contact, Keiona Eady at

The Mesa Tribune

La'Vista is featured as the founder and facilitator of BOSS Talk, an entrepreneurial community for women created in 2018. In the feature she shares the vision of BOSS Talk and what makes this community different from anything else in the marketplace.  

New Geechee Podcast

Sometimes the super womanhood of being a woman comes with learning some big lessons. In episode 69 of the podcast Keiona helps La'Vista tell the story of her journey from being a small town country girl with dreams of being a family woman through to her jump into full time entrepreneurship after a serious episode of burnout, following her climb up the corporate ladder to AVP all before she turned 30! 

ABC15 / Sonoran Living

This Emmy award winning show is the longest running, locally produced lifestyle show in Phoenix, AZ.


Guest La'Vista Jones shares 5 easy ways to use your love languages for self-care to reduce stress.  

The Day Before Monday Podcast

An encouraging and practical podcast giving you the tools to have a happier “work” experience.


Guest La'Vista Jones gives insight on recognizing the signs of burnout and how to implement self-care in the form of boundaries at work.  

Screw The Cubicle Podcast

What if the act of trying to do it all, is actually hindering your business success?


Host Lydia Lee talks with La'Vista a lot about her creative approach to business analysis and implementation to save her clients valuable time so that you too, can discover a better way to run your business, and get back to making yourself and what you love a priority. 

Being a Wifepreneur and Mompreneur

So, this week, we're talking to the Boss Babes who are doing everything humanly possible to juggle their many roles in life. Many of us are wives, moms, working 9 to 5 and trying to run a business.


In business and in life, balance is critical. However, perfection is not realistic, nor is it necessary. Let's talk more about that in this exclusive interview with Boss Babe La'Vista Jones.

The Hot Mess Business Podcast

Podcast host Tamara Kemper interviews La'Vista Jones on how to get rid of business overwhelm by seeking help.


La'Vista knows her stuff and I hope her simple, actionable strategies inspire you to take the first step in getting help with your feelings of overwhelm. 

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