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La’Vista Jones is an engaging speaker with a proven delivery that combines humor, vulnerability and resonate storytelling for women and women business owners redefining what it means to have it all and to live life on their own terms. 


She has spoken to a range of private, corporate and podcast audiences, from intimate to large media markets, both virtually and in person including ABC’s Sonoran Living, Zip Recruiter, Arizona State University and Pearson.

La'Vista at BOSS Talk Husband Takeover.p

Get Selfish: A Mindset Renovation

As is, the definition of being selfish leaves much to be desired. However, with a shift in perspective, the word selfish becomes a lot like a fixer-upper home - it has good bones, but it could definitely use some work. It’s time to renovate the definition of selfish and incorporate it into defining, prioritizing and living out self-care on your own terms. By applying a little wordsmithing shiplap to the definition of selfish, it becomes a catalyst for letting go of overfunctioning, embracing self-compassion and developing a lifelong self-care journey. Give yourself permission to get selfish.


Relationships of all types shape our experiences in life - many are vital to our overall well-being and play a role in how we approach the coveted work-life balance. Learning to leverage love languages in all of our relationships can help us practice deep compassion, meaningful appreciation and self-preserving boundaries - all foundations for getting it done, without the burnout. Never stop showing someone how much they mean to you - especially yourself.

La'Vista at LEVEL UP
La'Vista teaching at BOSS Talk

Why you don't need a VA, Right Now ...

Entrepreneurial vision is not a solo gig. Too often we start businesses as solopreneurs, but then we get stuck in the habit of doing everything on our own long term. When the tasks pile up and overwhelm sets in, we find ourselves feeling desperate to hire support - but if we haven’t laid a solid operational foundation, that isn’t usually the best next step. Many of the expectations that I hear when it comes to hiring a VA are simply unrealistic - business owners expect their VA to come in and save the world on day one, without having done any of the legwork to set their future VA up for success.

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