B.S. Recovery, And Why You Need It

As you’re reading this, you may also have 57 emails in your inbox to respond to, a handful of proposals to send out and / or follow up on in addition to that nurture sequence you’ve been meaning to write for a few weeks now that just keeps nagging at you. Meanwhile, the magic you sprinkle all over your clients' problems is working flawlessly. They can’t sing your praises enough for how you’ve helped them recover from being a hot mess to full on badassery mode.

You and your business on the other hand are in survival mode. It’s been that way for a while and you may not even be sure of how to make it any better.

What is boss shame?

Whether you’ve ever put a name to it or not, boss shame is that overwhelming feeling of not having enough time to work in your business, the fear of not doing things right and the realization that things are likely failing through the cracks. It's all the literal B.S. that keeps you up at night.

If you have ever thought, ‘I can do XYZ for my clients, but can’t seem to do that for myself’ you’re probably dealing with boss shame.

I recently had a BOSS Chat with business partners from a firm that does the exact same type of work that I do around business systems. And during our conversation they revealed how ashamed they were to be able to streamline and make their clients' businesses run smoothly while at the same time being afraid that anybody might see the mess and lack of operational structure that lurked just underneath the surface of their own business.

So why do we live with boss shame?

Because we don’t want to jack up our credibility in the marketplace.

It’s my opinion that the limiting mindset of I’m the boss, so I should know how to do this’ keeps too many entrepreneurs stuck and silently suffering in chaos.

I talk about boss shame during Boss Talk all the time. Far too often we feel the pressure of presenting ourselves a certain kind of way because we’re trying to nurture valuable connections and attract new clients. So openly talking about how whack or non-existent our business systems are, usually isn’t very high on the conversation list.

There is always the potential of shame and embarrassment associated with raising a hand to admit overwhelm and that help is needed. And I get that. I promise I do.

But in this moment, you are being presented with two choices: evolve or stay stuck.

A critical step to evolution is acknowledging there is a problem and seeking the help to solve it.

Before I hired my amazing assistant, my client on-boarding process was supper clunky and took up too much of my valuable time.

This is how things used to go. After receiving that coveted ‘YES’ from a client I would manually update the Word version of my contract, then format it into a PDF to upload it into my electronic signature program and then email it to the client to execute. Once the contract was signed, then I had to log into my invoice system, setup a client profile and then manually create an invoice or a set of recurring invoices to go out to that client for payment. After receiving payment, I’d log into my email account to send a welcome email and embed a link to have the client schedule their initial on-boarding call. And if I remembered to do so in a timely manner, I’d send a cute on-boarding gift.


The excitement of welcoming a new client was quickly deflated once I thought about all the tasks associated with my disjointed on-boarding process. I knew I needed help - and so I got out of my own way, stepped over my own ego and asked for it.

Boss shame be damned - I was tired of being bullied by overwhelm in my own business.

The temporary shame and embarrassment of acknowledging that I didn’t have it all together and needed to be fired from some stuff was outshined by the long term benefits of kicking overwhelm in the face, freeing up my time and actually increasing my revenue - yes, asking for help and investing in team and developing streamlined processes increased my revenue by over 400% just 6 months after admitting that I needed help.

Want to stop feeling overwhelmed in your business and start your journey B.S. (Boss Shame) Recovery as well? Here is a good place to start.

Do a Self Check

I firmly believe that taking care of yourself IS taking care of your business, so how are you … really? Are you overwhelmed? Stressed? On the verge of losing your shit? Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and honest with your answer to this question.

I routinely do a self check with myself each week on Sunday evening. For me, touching base with myself is the perfect way to start out my week.

Identify Your Needs

Once you’ve touched base with yourself about how you are - ask yourself, what you need. Deep down you already know - listen to yourself and build that trust equity with your own intuition.

In my own story, once I got real with myself about needing an assistant, I also got real with myself about my crappy systems too. I’m a systems goddess after all, so imagine my shame having to admit to a new team member that my own systems sucked.

It was one thing to waste my own time manually logging into 6 different tools to onboard a new client - but I was determined that I wasn’t going to pay to waste someone else’s time. So I mapped out a beautiful on-boarding process for my own business and did the heavy lifting to consolidate 6 tools into 1 and added some automation to fire myself altogether. Now the only task that my assistant is responsible for during our entire on-boarding process is dropping a cute gift in the mail.

I’m happy with the process the way it is now - my gut however, told me to give attention to this need in my own business at least a year before I ever took action. Valuable time wasted, that I'll never get back.

Seek Help

I know that pulling the curtain back to reveal the real state of your business may be a little scary - but consider the alternative, staying stuck in your current chaos.

Like I said earlier, I get it, because I’ve lived it. And since 2005 when I initially launched my company, I haven’t been introduced to a business system need that’s scared me away yet. The business partners that I mentioned above, they actually became clients of mine and after our first virtual working session they shared how relieved they both felt to talk to someone that not only understood what they were experiencing but that also provided a judgement free zone for them to share the current state of their business and where they really want it to go.

No shame - just support.

Can you relate? Then it’s time to seek help, and I’m here to provide just that. Click HERE to schedule a complimentary 30-minute BOSS Chat with me to discuss the needs within your business.

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