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BOSS Manifesto

I love what I do.
How do I stop sacrificing myself to do it?

If exhaustion, busyness and burnout aren't part of your life plan, download a PDF of this manifesto today and I'll also email you an introspective exercise that will challenge you to adopt this as your battle cry as you begin your shift towards battling overwhelm with systems & self-care.

B.O.S.S. Shift
Manifesto & Mission

 I am done glorifying busyness. Busyness is not the new chic - it’s not #businessgoals or a cause for celebration. I no longer want to be a complacent participant in the unrealistic expectation that sleepless nights, exhaustion, overbooked schedules and inner turmoil are the only ways to show how capable I am. I want to actively cultivate my own culture of work-life balance. I want to empower myself to take a step back when my body, mind and spirit whisper for me to do so. Burnout is not my final destination. So I will no longer blur the line between ambition and self-endangerment in the name of achieving success by how others define it. Instead, I am becoming fluent in self-compassion. I am committed to infusing my own well being into the way I live my life and run my business.I declare that the work I do and the way I do it will nourish me. Therefore, I will build systems that are fortified with self-sustaining routines that create moments to breathe. And each day I will give myself permission to use my time, my energy and my resources to take care of myself, simply because I am worth it. Life is happening right now, and I’m going to live it, all of it on my own terms.     

Nobody goes into business wanting to burnout and ultimately resent the business they have invested so much time, energy and resources into.


Once I resigned from my position in Corporate America and resumed work with private clients I knew I had a calling to work with solopreneurs, overwhelmed with busyness and on their own journey towards burnout.


The experience of working myself beyond the point of exhaustion to prove that I was capable and worthy is a habit that I see playing out in the marketplace on a day-to-day basis.


I know how it felt in that place of burnout and I know that I can not stand by and watch other women to that to themselves.


It is my mission to help women build businesses that nourish them - and that work is anchored in helping them build automated backend systems and practicing renewing self-care.


It’s time for a shift.


So let's get started!


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