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Strategy Session

Do you need a sounding board to talk out operational strategy & decisions?

When I connect with frazzled entrepreneurs they want to be confidently calling the shots in their business instead of feeling stuck in analysis paralysis - this is an essential shift towards clarity and goal achievement. However many entrepreneurs simply don’t know what they don’t know and remain undecided about core operational decisions. 


When looking for solutions, they often oversaturate themselves with information instead of raising their hand and acknowledging they need help moving forward. 


And while I know that research holds an important place in business, I also believe that even the greatest of knowledge is only as good as the action taken to implement it. 

That’s why my approach is to hold space for questions, share resources and offer strategic direction which not only supports my clients in achieving their goals (because they are no longer paralyzed by indecision) it also builds their self-trust equity as they fully step into building a business that nurtures them.

If you're ready to schedule a session, simply click the {Schedule a Session} button below to secure your time on my calendar. If you have questions, please click HERE to schedule a Connection Call. 




  • (1) 1-hour virtual session

  • Process gap review

  • Automation & outsourcing strategy

  • Tool recommendations

  • Consultative implementation advice

LOVE Letter Stamps

Client Feedback

La'Vista was the answer to my prayers. In fact, she was the resource I didn't even know I needed. After spending hours researching, watching tutorials, and playing around with Dubsado I was ready to throw in the towel. But after one call with La'Vista things changed dramatically.


La'Vista was able to help me get my entire workflow setup in less than an hour. And the best made sense!! She was patient with me and helped me streamline my system even more. 


Thanks to her assistance, I now spend less time with emails and release forms. Instead I have more hours to spend on things that matter.


Dr. Erika Brown

Transformational Life Coach

Dr. Erika Brown
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