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An at-home self-care retreat experience. 

#retreatyourself anytime you want!

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There are experiences in life that leave you breathless for the moment. 


There are also experiences that leave you feeling suffocated. 


If you have an overwhelming need for a moment to breathe, add this retreat experience to your self-care toolbox and use it whenever you need to. 

The Breathe Retreat Experience is focused on holding space to practice self-care through relaxation, introspection and self-compassion and of course - breathing. 

Retreat Anytime & Anywhere!

Download and access the retreat tools as often as you’d like for a personal self-care experience anywhere you are. Plus, the retreat experience is less than an hour to make it easier to schedule a much needed date with yourself. 


Your self-care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive - but it does have to be intentional. During the retreat, you’ll learn how to apply and celebrate implementing the S.P.A. Method into your day-to-day life. 


The BREATHE Retreat Experience includes: 

  • Retreat prep checklist & guide

  • Guided recording with retreat host

  • Introspection & burn ritual  

  • Breathing exercise

  • Affirmation ritual 

  • Reflective prompts

  • Self-care implementation call 


Get access to the BREATHE Retreat Experience for $29


Sarah Adams

"This retreat showed me that I'm doing better with my self-care than I thought - I needed to realize that!"


Maria Mwangi

"During the retreat, I learned to not feel guilty about practicing self-care."


Chyna Coleman

“Because of the retreat, I’m focused on being intentional about caring more for my deeper needs than the superficial needs.”

Dr. Nadia-8.jpg

Dr. Nadia Brown

My biggest takeaway from the retreat was acknowledging all that I was carrying and that was weighing so heavily on my mind.”


Ilana Myerson

“This retreat was exactly what I needed!!!!”


Danielle Ellis

“After the retreat, 
I felt like I could go conquer the world!”


Ashanti Blevins

“It was hard to take this time for myself today but I am glad I did!!! This retreat was greatly needed. That breathing exercise from the retreat will be used DAILY for sure!! I'm glad I decided to take the first step by attending. Now I have to continue to pour into myself.”


Kendra Tillman

“My soul needed this retreat!”


Khalilah Elliott

"This retreat was right on time for me. I was both physically and emotionally exhausted and spending the day with La'Vista and all of the lovely women involved helped re-energize and rejuvenate my spirit. I'm so glad I was able to attend and can't wait for the next event!"


Keiona Eady

“The S.P.A Method is the TRUTH!”

Isha Cogborn_headshot.png

Isha Cogborn

“The retreat was a wonderfully restorative experience! I love that it’s something that I can now do on my own every weekend if I choose without taking up too much time or energy. Thank you, La'Vista!!!”

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