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When I connect with focused, visionary women they often want to know how to carve time out of their busy schedules to take a moment to breathe and feel refreshed. 


Trying to create and hold space for those moments of rest can be overwhelming, often leading to excuses to just keep grinding on as usual.  

Excuses aside, I think we can all agree that purposeful, rejuvenating

rest is essential.


That is why I created the BREATHE series of events to help

women hold space for themselves - curated moments to

slow down and breathe on purpose. 

La'Vista Breathe 2

“Breathing is one of the greatest pleasures of life.”

- Giovanni Papini

Sunrise Yoga & Brunch
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Salt & Sage

Giovanni beautifully sums up this simple pleasure that is accessible to all of us. If you need a moment to breathe, I invite you to attend the next BREATHE event, co-produced by: 


Sunday, April 18, 2021 at 6:00a

Freestone Park

1045 E Juniper Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85234

Experience BREATHE by:

  • Taking in a beautiful desert sunrise 

  • Engaging in an instructor lead yoga session

  • Indulging in a luxury picnic with a brunch grazing board

  • Practicing restorative breathing exercises

  • Connecting with girlfriends, new & beloved 

PLUS these items to take home:

  • A custom fresh flower bouquet

  • Yoga mat & towel (we've got you fully covered)

  • Curated self-care boxes


Schedule a date with yourself today by securing your seat at the BREATHE Sunrise Yoga & Brunch - space is limited to 20 attendees


Self Investment is $147

Early bird Pricing: $97

(through midnight on March 28th - no code needed)

Special Pricing: $127

(through midnight on April 4th - no code needed)

Final Pricing: $147

(through midnight on April 11th - last day to register)

Feedback for

Breathe White

Sarah Adams

"This BREATHE retreat showed me that I'm doing better with my self-care than I thought - I needed to realize that!"


Maria Mwangi

"During the BREATHE retreat, I learned to not feel guilty about practicing self-care."


Chyna Coleman

“Because of the BREATHE retreat, I’m focused on being intentional about caring more for my deeper needs than the superficial needs.”

Dr. Nadia-8.jpg

Dr. Nadia Brown

My biggest takeaway from the BREATHE retreat was acknowledging all that I was carrying and that was weighing so heavily on my mind.”


Ilana Myerson

“This BREATHE retreat was exactly what I needed!!!!”


Danielle Ellis

“After the BREATHE retreat, 
I felt like I could go conquer the world!”


Ashanti Blevins

“It was hard to take this time for myself today but I am glad I did!!! This BREATHE retreat was greatly needed. That breathing exercise from the retreat will be used DAILY for sure!! I'm glad I decided to take the first step by attending. Now I have to continue to pour into myself.”


Kendra Tillman

“My soul needed this BREATHE retreat!”


Khalilah Elliott

"This BREATHE retreat was right on time for me. I was both physically and emotionally exhausted and spending the day with La'Vista and all of the lovely women involved helped re-energize and rejuvenate my spirit. I'm so glad I was able to attend and can't wait for the next event!"


Keiona Eady

“The S.P.A Method I learned during BREATHE is the TRUTH!”

Isha Cogborn_headshot.png

Isha Cogborn

“The BREATHE retreat was a wonderfully restorative experience! I love that it’s something that I can now do on my own every weekend if I choose without taking up too much time or energy. Thank you, La'Vista!!!”

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