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  Your voice has the power to change the world.  
  Give yourself permission to use it.  

Our mission is to work with thought leaders to bridge the gap between innovation and impact by amplifying their unique, thoughtfully disruptive and often under-recognized voices through podcasting.

Do you want to build an efficient foundation to launch your podcast?

Ready to create assets and build the infrastructure for your podcast?

Looking for on-going support to help you produce your podcast?


Amplify your voice!

You have a message that needs to be heard - it’s time to amplify your voice in the marketplace.


We work with thought leaders that want to leverage podcasting as part of their overall business strategy as a way to increase their visibility in the marketplace and attract a larger pool of potential leads. We prioritize hosts with disruptive messages that thoughtfully go against the status quo, especially hosts that have been historically under-recognized by mainstream media.

We love working with:

Entrepreneurial visionaries like coaches, consultants and speakers that want to use podcasting to showcase their expertise and build authority in the marketplace.

Authors looking for a valuable tool to increase their platforms by promoting and repurposing content by discussing their literary work and sharing unique insights.

Founders wanting to engage with their audience using an effective medium for educating and
disseminating information.


A podcast can help you build credibility in the marketplace and position yourself as a thought leader that both informs and challenges your audience.

That said, before you start buying equipment and lining up guests, download the Amplify Launch Blueprint as the starting point for your podcasting journey. 


As an aspiring podcaster with a transformational message, here's some inspiring news. An average of 47% of podcast listeners do so in order to learn something - so your audience is waiting on you. 

Here's some even better news!

You don’t have to launch or produce your podcast alone. 


The idea of launching a podcast can feel overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be. Our team will provide you with the support you need from show concept, setup and successful launch to the sustainability of your show. We provide a holistic, done-for-you approach so that all you have to do is focus on being the talent behind the microphone.

Our team. Your team.

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About 31 Marketplace

31 Marketplace is a full service podcast agency founded by La’Vista Jones, an award-winning podcaster and systems strategist who has helped some of the top thought leaders in the world amplify their impact through podcasting. 


Since 2021, La’Vista and her team have provided step-by-step support from show concept to sustainable production for show hosts. The 31 Marketplace team provides a holistic, done-for-you approach, freeing up their client’s time to focus on being the talent behind the microphone. 


31 Marketplace is the strategic and implementation partner that podcast hosts need to avoid podfade (the equivalent of burnout for podcasters) and produce an amazing show with consistency and ease - increasing their impact, without increasing their workload.

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