Systems & Self-Care Made Simple

Save time in your business and make more time for yourself. 

You don’t have to choose between being the boss and taking care of the boss. Running a successful business and practicing self-care aren’t mutually exclusive. I will show you how to do both.

It’s time to kick those feelings of overwhelm in the face by reclaiming your time. Together, we will document, streamline and automate your processes to save you time in your business.

And we’ll refocus that time on practicing consistent self-care.

Self check ...

Is it time to get stuff out of your head and into a clear plan? 


Wondering how to automate more processes? 


Want to know how to fire yourself from tasks you shouldn’t be doing anyway?


Need to practice more self-care to avoid burnout?


Ready to create realistic work-life boundaries? 

Learn how to prioritize yourself in your business. 

Download this free guide to help rescue yourself from overwhelm by implementing structure and reclaiming your time so you can prioritize yourself in your business at the top of your to-do list.

"I was only a few pages into SELF-ish before your words all out inspired me. Your words caused me to decide to do something different for myself."

Deirdre Martin-Banks

"Just finished reading SELF-ish and filling out the questions - fantastic ideas and easy ways to implement change!!!!


Perfect way to start my morning!!!!"

Ilana Myerson 

"I really like SELF-ish. It definitely comes for your whole life in a direct, tender way. I'm not bruised, but I feel the urgency to do better for myself."

LaToya Thompson

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