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Podcasting Launch Roundtable

So you are thinking about launching a podcast?


That’s awesome. 


I’ve been hosting my show BOSS™ Talk since 2018 and since its inception, I’ve had multiple conversations with aspiring show hosts wanting to pick my brain about all things podcasting. Most of those conversations have revealed that being excited about launching a show simply isn’t enough of a sustainable foundation to move forward with the idea. 


That doesn’t mean your podcasting idea needs to be put on the back burner tho - it just needs a little more structure.  


So let’s talk about it. 


I’m excited to host a free Podcasting Launch Roundtable with those of you interested in launching a new show. During this time together I will help you assess if you are ready to launch your podcast idea and identify what additional support you might need.  


Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Time: 10am (AZ) / 12pm (EST)


Roundtable Overview:

Authors, coaches and consultants often use podcasting as a way to share their thought leadership with a wide-reaching audience. 


The outstanding question is, are you actually ready to launch a podcast? So let’s get together to discuss everything you need to consider to truly answer this question. 


  • Isn’t having a lineup of potential guests enough - what else is involved?

  • How do you educate and on-board guests?

  • What does the post production process really look like?

  • How much time are you really going to have to invest in each episode?

  • Is there tech or platforms you should leverage for your show?


These questions, in addition to the ones you bring with you will be answered during the roundtable. 


I hope you can join me! 


- La’Vista 

Are you ready to launch a podcast with La'Vista Jones
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