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Before working with me, most podcast hosts I know spend an average of 5-8 hours on each show - time spent booking guests, requesting bios and headshots, editing audio, writing show notes and developing marketing strategies, all in addition to conducting the actual podcast interview itself. 


That’s a lot of time. 


During my conversations with podcast hosts, they often share that they want to know how to save time producing each show so they can give more focused attention to being the personality of the show. 


For many, their go-to response to reclaiming their time is hiring an assistant to take some of these podcast related tasks off their plate rather than leveraging automation and letting their systems do the heavy lifting for them. 


While I wholeheartedly agree that most businesses in fact need the support of an assistant, it has been my experience that a new hire isn’t necessarily the best next step when it comes to reclaiming time. 


Optimizing automation in your business is. 


Podcast automation can help you fire yourself from:

  • Collecting guest information, headshots & bios

  • Scheduling / rescheduling guest interviews

  • Distributing show expectations & interview questions

  • Sending post interview thank you messages / gifts

  • Delivering post interview marketing materials to guest

  • And so much more!


Schedule a call today to discuss all the ways we can automate your podcast!

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