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Step 1 | Amplify Intensive

You’re here because you are in the ideation phase of your podcast and you want a clear, realistic plan for how to launch your show. 


Get the clarity you need to amplify your voice. 


The Amplify Intensive is a virtual group cohort designed to help you build the foundation for the successful launch of your podcast!


If you’ve been overwhelmed not knowing where to start when it comes to launching your podcast, I’m holding this space just for you. 


The best place to start is by solidifying the mission and why behind your show. Not only will I help you get crystal clear why you want to host a show in the first place, together we’ll also define your measurable goals (i.e. lead generation) and identify your show’s topic and discuss the name for your show. 


I’m sure you have lots of questions when it comes to your launch. 


Will your show be interview style, a season of solo shows or co-hosted? And if you decide to have guests, what will their experience with your show be like and as the host how will you prepare for the interview? How long should your show be ? How often should you publish a new episode? Together we’ll come up with answers to all the questions about the format of your show. 


And as our intensive wraps up we’ll talk about the type of mic you need, the platform you plan to use to record your episodes and all the tools and technology you need for post production. 


During an Amplify Intensive, you’ll get

3 hours with me and your cohort peers to . . . 


Develop the concept and mission for your show


Outline the format and guest experience for your show


Identify the equipment and technology needed for your show


The next Amplify Intensive is scheduled for:

Friday, August 18th, 2023*

9:00am - 12:00pm (AZ Time) / 12:00pm -  3:00pm (EST) 


Click HERE to Register

*If the group date doesn't work for you, click HERE to schedule a private intensive for $500.

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