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Media & Press

All media / press inquires please contact, Keiona Eady at press@thirtyonemarketplace.com

The Day Before Monday Podcast

An encouraging and practical podcast giving you the tools to have a happier “work” experience.


Guest La'Vista Jones gives insight on recognizing the signs of burnout and how to implement self-care in the form of boundaries at work.  

Screw The Cubicle Podcast

What if the act of trying to do it all, is actually hindering your business success?


Host Lydia Lee talks with La'Vista a lot about her creative approach to business analysis and implementation to save her clients valuable time so that you too, can discover a better way to run your business, and get back to making yourself and what you love a priority. 

Being a Wifepreneur and Mompreneur

So, this week, we're talking to the Boss Babes who are doing everything humanly possible to juggle their many roles in life. Many of us are wives, moms, working 9 to 5 and trying to run a business.


In business and in life, balance is critical. However, perfection is not realistic, nor is it necessary. Let's talk more about that in this exclusive interview with Boss Babe La'Vista Jones.

The Hot Mess Business Podcast

Podcast host Tamara Kemper interviews La'Vista Jones on how to get rid of business overwhelm by seeking help.


La'Vista knows her stuff and I hope her simple, actionable strategies inspire you to take the first step in getting help with your feelings of overwhelm.