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UGH, networking ... 

Are you attending traditional networking events … but afterwards, you leave feeling like something is missing?


Can’t figure out how the traditions of 90-second commercials, pitches and product presentations are actually going to support you in your business?

That’s how I use to feel too.

It's okay to want more!

I knew I wanted more from my networking experience.


I wanted to know that I am not the only one trying to sort through the overwhelm of the day-to-day tasks of running my business.


I wanted to hear how other women are obtaining success.


I wanted to be part of a community that values transparency and vulnerability over perceived perfection.


I wanted to be celebrated for my ambition AND for taking care of myself.

Sound familiar?


I invite you to join me at the next Boss Talk session.

The Good. The Bad. The Real about the entrepreneurial journey.

Come and connect with other women that know exactly what’s it’s like to wear all the hats in their business while also juggling other life demands.


This isn’t your typical networking event - it’s more like a live podcast with audience participation.


At Boss Talk you’ll hear first hand accounts of the entrepreneurial journeys of other women, the good, the bad and the real. And as an attendee, you get to ask the burning questions that you really want to know the answers to.  Like, how do we REALLY do this entrepreneurial thing?

Boss Talk is Perfect For:

  • Women that desire to launch their dream and are looking for a supportive nudge.

  • Entrepreneurs that have birthed their vision and want to build key relationships. 

  • Business owners that have experienced success but are seeking tips and support to keep pushing forward and to LEVEL Up!

It's time to connect!

Each session is a safe space to share your current needs in the marketplace. The hope in doing this, is that another woman in the room is the answer to that need … or is connected with someone that is.


And we have fun!


There is music, networking and an adorable dessert reception, including cute mock-tails for your enjoyment.


A professional photographer from Focus First Photography ( will be on-site as well, so be sure to bring your smile with you!

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