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BOSS UP! Automate The Grind

If time is money - stop wasting it on tasks that you should have fired yourself from. 

BOSS UP! is a simple, yet highly effective way to map out core systems and leverage automation in your business so that you can finally fire yourself.

La'Vista Jones | The Systems BOSS


I truly believe this guide will be a catalyst for your #BOSSformation - a powerful transformation from an overwhelmed business owner to a well-balanced boss!

La'Vista Jones, Author
From the Author
Reader feedback for BOSS UP!
Dr. Erika Brown

Dr. Erika Brown | Transformational Life Coach


BOSS UP! was an unexpected jewel that I didn't know I needed. I discovered this tool as I was in the midst of revamping my 'Welcome" newsletter series and a lead magnet series. I tend to find writing these types of newsletters daunting. I would often question the value of the series and feared being redundant in my copy.  However, the  "Lead Them, Somewhere" section of BOSS UP! provided me with a new perspective on how to approach these series. The concept of taking the reader on a journey from information to reflecting the reader's challenge in a story to bringing it back with an offer is genius.

I'm so excited to use the nurturing sequence that La'Vista created and implement those topics into my newsletter series.  


Looking forward to seeing what super useful tool La'Vista comes up with next.

Tish Times | Sales & Networking Expert

BOSS UP! Is just another amazing tool from the brilliant mind of La’Vista Jones, founder of 31 Marketplace. The content provided is imperative for any business owner who needs to both scale their business and create personal boundaries via self-care.


La’Vista exposes the importance of having systems in place in order to have a business that runs seamlessly while having the routines in place that allow you, as the business owner to not run yourself into the ground. As a client, I can attest to the fact that La’Vista practices what she preaches and creates a space for others to do the same.


BOSS UP! is a business book that you need in your life right now.

Tish Times
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